Ms. Jennifer is able to motivate and excite Sana about her music and improving her piano skills.

Ms. Jennifer’s lessons are always well structured around the student’s needs as she is organized and timely. I am very satisfied with Sana’s progress. She has learned more about reading and playing music than I expected in so short a time. Ms. Jennifer is sincere and thoughtful. We could not have asked for a better teacher or first musical experience for our daughter. Thank you!

Nadia | Mom to Sana (age 7)

Jennifer always brings energy and enthusiasm to the lessons that inspired us.

She is very professional. She sets weekly goals and her organized notes are easy to follow. We made progress each week. Each lesson was constructed around what needed to be learned. She is patient, encouraging and teaches children and adults equally well as I took lessons from her too!

Leslie | Mother to Lauren (age 6)

We feel so lucky to have started off with Jennifer. Our daughter, Katherine (age 10) LOVES her.

Jennifer’s enthusiam and ability to adapt her style to match Katherine’s learning needs was impressive and effective. Jennifer never “pushed” her to the point that she became frustrated, but Katherine’s progress impressed everyone. We are thrilled to have Jennifer in our lives. Katherine is on track to master and enjoy a life-long skill. Thank you Jennifer!!!

Mr. P | Dad of Katherine (age 10)

Our teacher is very good.

She is very enthusiastic and enjoys teaching. Her professionalism is great. We are very satisfied with Eja’s progress as Jennifer is a great teacher.

Henry J. | Father of Eja (3rd grade)

Jennifer is very passionate about teaching.

The half hour lessons are completely dedicated to the student. The instructions are very detailed as well. I am very happy with my child’s progress. In three months my daughter has already completed one book and has moved onto her second lesson book. My daughter really enjoys playing the piano and she looks forward to her piano lessons every week.

Afsheen D. | Farah’s Dad


Jennifer knows how to be patient and explain everything - so easy to catch on.

My granddaughter read music the first week because of her teaching. Reading music and playing piano is a wonderful experience with her. I am very happy with my granddaughter’s progress as she has learned so much in such little time. Jennifer is fun and I don’t think anyone can replace her.

Pat | Grandmother of Brianna

Jennifer is excellent...

…in her knowledge and is always enthusiastic. Her professionalism couldn’t be any better. My son’s progress is outstanding! The speed and amount of “homework” really helped my son to quickly progress.

Sofi G. | Danny’s Mom


Our teacher is very good.

Awesome! You made me love piano again! You helped me so much! I have learned a lot and have gone far.

Madeleine T. | High School Student