Hohman Piano Services

Tuning, Repair, Regulation and Installs

Hohman Piano Services offers several piano services.

Ever have a key not work or an odd sound when you play a key?
We can fix that with many repairs offered.

A standard tuning of your piano is the best place to start. This tuning is designed to get your piano back to sounding its best. We also offer pitch raises. A pitch raise is when your piano is below the standard pitch for the instrument. The pitch raise simply gets the piano back within range for a standard tuning, usually needed when it’s been more than two years since your last tuning.

We also offer piano regulation.

Piano regulation has to do with the timing and friction of the parts that allow the piano make that beautiful sound when the keys are played. If your pianos is regulated just right, the piano is wonderful to play.

Hohman Piano Services highly recommends hiring a professional moving company for the move of your piano. A1 Piano & Organ Movers, Inc is who we use the most for our moves.

We also complete many piano installations, such as the Piano Life Saver System. This is designed to prolong the life of your piano through humidity control. Also, we can install PianoDisc Systems, which make your piano come to life using a method which produces a modern player piano. We can also add a record function or even a silent function to your acoustic piano.

As with all of our services, each facet of the business offers custom work. We will make sure the tuning, repair, regulation or any installation is the best for your individual piano!

For the sake of your Piano