Hohman Piano Services offers recitals as a part of the piano lessons.

Students of all ages and levels are welcome and encouraged to participate at each recital* offered.

Even a beginner student of a few weeks can proudly play at our recitals where more advanced students are performing.

Recital preparation is offered free of charge to those students who are taking lessons with Hohman Piano Services. In addition, programs are also offered at the recital to those students who choose to participate.

*Recital venues are always reviewed for professionalism, ease of location, and whenever possible a free venue is used to eliminate costs of participation.


Baum-SpringBaum Opera House –
New Home for Recitals

The Baum Opera House is now the concert and recital home for Hohman Piano Services. Hohman Piano Services piano students, vocal students and teachers will present approximately two recitals per year in the Baum Opera House’s Randsell Ballroom.

Bella Musica and Hohman Piano Services are pleased to announce their joint donation of a 1932 Petite Grand Wurlitzer Piano on May 2, 2014 to the Baum Opera House located on 1st Street in downtown Miamisburg. The inaugural performance on the piano was premiered at the Bella Musica Faculty Music Concert on Sunday, May 4th.

The donation of the piano will make the historical Baum Opera House an ideal local venue for Miamisburg-based businesses and local music teachers to host any recitals, concerts, or other musical productions. The piano will also be available for use to any patrons who rent the Opera House for other occasions like wedding receptions or parties, making it a convenient location for accommodating live music groups or bands.

Hohman piano services owner, Jennifer Hohman, will donate her time and services for the maintenance and semi-annual tunings of the piano. Bella Musica will work together with the Baum Opera House to present an annual benefit concert for the Opera House.